Pictured L to R: Ryan Mountain, Sr. Vice President, Toni Harvey – Award Recipient, Rebecca Mayer, Director

(Boston, MA) – Work Opportunities Unlimited is pleased to announce that Toni Harvey of Belmont, MA, has been awarded the company’s Success at Work Award for her unflagging commitment to serving people with disabilities.

Founded upon the principle that all people can work, Work Opportunities Unlimited is a community-based, employment service provider that specializes in placing people with disabilities, and job seekers who experience barriers to employment, in competitive work environments.

As a Career Resource Specialist, Harvey dedicates her days to helping individuals with disabilities access integrated, community-based employment.

“I nominated Toni for the Success at Work Award because of her hard work and dedication to securing employment opportunities for people who experience barriers to the workplace,” says Rebecca Mayer, Director of Work Opportunities Unlimited in Boston.  “Toni’s hard work and dedication has big impact on the people we serve. We know that having a job adds value and meaning to everyone’s life. Uncovering a person’s potential, and helping them obtain and maintain employment requires creativity, compassion and persistence. Toni rolls up her sleeves each day with a single determination to make that happen; her efforts are making a huge difference.”

“I am very thankful and honored to be recognized,” says Harvey. “Serving clients is extremely rewarding for me. Assisting others in reaching their goals, be it employment or personal, has always been fulfilling to me. I am honored to be able to experience this on the day to day basis with my not only caseload, but through my co-workers and their successes as well.”

“Toni has earned the Success at Work Award because of her passion to help others,” adds Mayer. “Toni is helpful and understanding of the clients she serves. She’s a great representation of Work Opportunities Unlimited and the mission of creating new opportunities for success in the workplace every day. I appreciate having Toni on the Boston team and look forward to her continued success with us.”