On September 15th, Nick Leone, a Career Resource Specialist in our Hyde Park/South Shore market, was awarded a Success-at-Work Award during a team gathering. He was nominated for the award by Bill Mullin, our Regional Director for the market.

During the presentation Bill highlighted Nick’s effectiveness at forging positive relationships with businesses such as AMC Theatres, Ocean State Job Lot, and Live Nation.  Nick has been a perennial leader with job placements, due in part to his ability to connect with employers and due to his creative, never satisfied approach to helping clients persevere and find a job that matches their skills and interests.

Bill highlighted Nick’s success with an individual, with whom he helped secure a position as a crew member at AMC Theatres.  This was a position she had not previously considered, but in which she is now thriving.  At Ocean State Job Lot, Nick placed David after working collaboratively with his residential provider to overcome barriers.  Subsequently, Nick helped Steven get a position at the same Ocean State Job Lot.

Bill finished with a highlight of another individual for whom Nick helped secure a position at Live Nation and House of Blues.  Not only did Nick facilitate these placements, but he helped the individual navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19.  Nick’s mentorship had a very positive impact on this individual’s performance at work and in life.

Nick’s dedication to quality services and effectiveness with securing job placements has resulted in positive feedback from many customers, including those receiving services, employers, and referral sources.

In making the presentation Ryan Mountain presented Nick a certificate which read:

“For his commitment to our core values, “We are never satisfied.” and, “We build successful, reciprocal relationships.” Nick has an extensive track record for securing job matches for clients and ensuring employers are satisfied.  His successes with AMC Theatres, Ocean State Job Lot and Live Nation exemplify his commitment, persistence and creativity resulting in successful employment outcomes for multiple clients.  Employers, clients, and referral sources consistently express their appreciation for Nick.  He is not only a mentor for those he serves, but to coworkers who benefit from his knowledge, attitude, and dedication each and every day.”