(Providence, RI) On Wednesday, November 12th Sue Ferry, a Career Resource Specialist in our Providence, Rhode Island market, was awarded a Success-at-Work Award during a team meeting. The award, which was presented by Steve Wood, followed a summary of her nomination by Trish Wagner, our Providence director.

award_sue_ferryIn her nomination Trish spoke of the many ways Sue helps us help our clients find meaningful assessment and placement sites. Here’s what Trish wrote about regarding two very creative assessments-

“A perfect example of Sue’s ability to work outside the box – we had a young man in Providence who was interested in the Paranormal. Who does that? The Ghost Hunters do that! Grant Wilson does that! Sue continues to amaze me daily. Her ability to connect with our local businesses is second to none… She was able to arrange a meet and greet for Matt with Grant Wilson. Unfortunately the scenario was not one that led to a Vocational Evaluation site, but a connection was made. The client received valuable information and was encouraged to not give up on his dream. It is not always about the placement, sometimes it is in the journey where we obtain our reward! Sue continued to work with Matt until a suitable site was obtained.

Sue is not always work, work, work. She too loves to clown around. Literally! Charlie G. was interested in learning about professional clowns… Hmmm, once again I had to ask myself – Who does that? Well – if there’s a will there’s a way and Sue will find that way. Sue was able to connect Charlie with a professional clown, Marvelous Marvin. This resulted in a successful Vocational Evaluation. Marvelous Marvin boasts “Educational Entertainment for Children”. When Marvelous Marvin heard about Work Opportunities and what we do – he was more than happy to help with Charlie. Charlie was able to accompany Marvelous Marvin to our local children’s hospital and other sites around the state. It was an experience Charlie and his mother would not soon forget. Charlie’s mother was extremely emotional; she could not fathom the efforts Sue had put forth on behalf of her son… ”

In making the presentation Steve Wood presented Sue a certificate which read:

Work Opportunities Unlimited honors Sue Ferry for always living our core value “We are a pioneering and creative organization.” Of special note is Sue’s persistent search for clever assessment sites whether for ghost hunters or clowns –no job goal is out of reach. Her commitment to clients, easy communication style, and positive attitude, make Sue a great teammate and a Success at Work!

Congratulations, Sue!