Mission Support Award

Sue Hamel, Payroll Manager, Steve Wood, President and CEO

(Dover, NH) – Work Opportunities Unlimited is pleased to announce that Sue Hamel of Hampton, NH, is the recipient of the prestigious Mission Support Award. The award honors an individual who supports the mission at Work Opportunities Unlimited every day and without whom the success of the people the company serves would not be possible.

Founded on the principle that all people can work, Work Opportunities Unlimited is a community-based, employment service provider that specializes in placing people with disabilities, and job seekers who experience barriers to employment, in competitive, community-based work environments.

“This is the first year of the Mission Support award,” says Steve wood, President and CEO at Work Opportunities Unlimited. “What makes this award particularly meaningful is that the recipients are nominated by their peers for consistently going above and beyond to assist their co-workers and teams. As, she demonstrates her work ethic and can-do attitude. She strives to provide the best customer service possible, and she understands the importance of the mission of Work Opportunities and how all our actions behind the scenes affect the team members that directly serve our clients and customers.”

“I believe you have to give in order to get,” says Hamel. “One of the major reasons I decided to join the Work Opportunities team was their mission statement, ‘we create new opportunities for success in the workplace, every day!’ These aren’t just words, this is reflected in the day to day action of my managers and my coworkers. I feel like our jobs matter. It’s great hearing the successes of the individuals that we serve and knowing you are helping people every day just feels good.”

We are proud to present this award to Sue Hamel, Payroll Manager,” says Wood. “She takes pride in her work and is being recognized for fulfilling a role that has proven to be critical to ensuring the highest quality of services are delivered to all customers. Her hard work, passion, and ongoing dedication are acknowledged and appreciated by all.”


About Work Opportunities Unlimited: With operations throughout the eastern United States, Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU) is a community-based employment service provider. The company serves thousands of adults and students annually. In addition to private citizens, WOU provides services to individuals referred by school districts, vocational rehabilitation programs, development disability agencies, Departments of Mental Health, Transitional Assistance, and Children and Families, as well as the U.S. Social Security Administration through the Ticket to Work program. For information, visit www.workopportunities.net.