The Mission Support Award was established to recognize a team member who doesn’t work on the front lines; rather, this team member supports other members of the organization in their work serving our stakeholders. The winner is selected from the nominations made by fellow team members.

We received many nominations this year and thank everyone who made a submission. The nominations were wonderful to read and showed how our support team members are committed to our mission and values, and as well as supporting our team members.

This year’s winner is of one of those “behind-the-scenes” team members who is involved in many aspects of the organization. This team member is described as professional, well-organized, patient, kind, quick to praise others, responsive, and diligent. We often call on this team member’s “eagle eye” to make sure that our external and internal communications are done well.

We are thrilled to be able to announce that Jeanne Tebbetts is this year’s recipient of the Mission Support Award. Career services team members are probably most familiar with Jeanne’s work in onboarding new team members and clients, as well as performing long-term site assessments and background checks. Staffing team members likely associate Jeanne with her work as part of the marketing team – posting to social media, sending out communications, and much, much more. Jeanne is committed to making sure that our mission and values are reflected in all aspects of her work.

Congratulations, Jeanne!