emily_cortes_award(Worcester, MA) On May 27th Emily Cortes, a Career Resource Specialist on our Worcester Massachusetts Team, was awarded a Success-at-Work Award at a team meeting. She was nominated for the award by her Director, Darlene Hayden. The Success-at-Work Award is a special award that goes to team members whose service to our clients meets the spirit of our core values and goes above and beyond the call of duty.

In her extended nomination Darlene wrote this about two of Emily’s successes:

“Emily often receives phone calls from her DCF individuals after closing to tell her about all of the wonderful things that they are doing and to thank her for her help in getting there. Recently Emily has been invited to a high school graduation and a college graduation, both young ladies worked with Emily. Over the past year I can think of five instances in which the young people that Emily worked with called her a few months after they were closed to share with her that they had been hired at positions in which Emily supported them to apply.

Emily and I recently received phone calls from one of Emily’s first DCF youth, Nicholas. He was calling us to tell us that he was getting ready to graduate from UTI Tech and that he was interviewing for a job as a Mechanic at a local Chevy dealership. This is amazing as this young man put himself in foster care through the help of DCF. He wanted better for himself than his mother could provide. Nicholas, more than others, needed a job and fast. He needed this job so that he could by a car so that he cold commute to the Boston are for school. Emily came through and helped place him at Boston Market. He was accepted into the program, bought a car, commuted to school, graduated and was moving on into a professional job of a lifetime for this young man.”

In making the presentation Steve Wood presented Emily a certificate which read:

Work Opportunities Unlimited honors Emily Cortes for living the core value “We build successful, reciprocal relationships” with clients and referral sources. Of special note is the number of youth like Nicholas who regularly reconnect and credit their life successes and graduations to Emily, who is a great teammate and a Success at Work!

Congratulations, Emily!