(Prince George’s County, MD)  On Wednesday, November 16th  Maria Wardlow, a Career Resource Specialist and Team Leader on our Prince George’s County team, was awarded a Success-at-Work Award during a team meeting. The award was presented by Ryan Mountain, who also read the nomination that was created in collaboration with Salsi Mane, Director of Prince George’s and Iskedar Ayalew, Regional Director of Montgomery/MD Central.

During the presentation Ryan spoke of the critical role Maria played while the Director of the Prince George’s team was out on a three month leave.  Below is an excerpt from the nomination:

Maria has continuously demonstrated exemplary leadership since she has become the Team Leader of the PG market.   Her efforts in supporting her team members and clients during not only this three month coverage period, but during the past year, have been critical in order to maintain quality services at a high level and to support the team in a manner that would provide stability and satisfaction in their employment.  Not only did Maria step up with the utmost professionalism during this challenging time period, but throughout it all, she maintained a positive attitude and embraced the challenges with which she was faced.  This came as no surprise as Maria is a great team player, who always makes time to help her team members with client coverage.   Maria is one of the best team members with whom we have worked. She is not only helpful, insightful, and supportive but she always maintains a great attitude and willingness to help all clients and team members.  Above all of her skill sets, Maria’s greatest attribute is her can-do attitude.  She remains positive when faced with any obstacles and is eager to contribute to a solution. We are proud that our MD team has a member of such caliber.

In making the presentation Ryan Mountain presented Maria a certificate which read:

Work Opportunities Unlimited honors Maria Wardlow for always living our core value “We build successful, reciprocal relationships.” Of special note is Maria’s recent leadership of team members, serving individuals like  Dale, Talha, and Monica, and of the PG Public Schools program. Maria’s commitment to fairness and positive communication, makes her a great teammate and a Success at Work! 

Congratulations, Maria!