AUBURN — The Wal-Mart Supercenter has two major entrances out front — left for groceries, right for everything else.

Arnold McLean is the reason a lot of people hang a left.

He’s quick with a laugh, a smile, a “woo-hoo!” and a booming, “How you doing?” from his greeter’s post just inside the door. In return, customers smile, hug, high-five and tease, and it’s rare when he doesn’t get a wave back.

McLean said he’s happy — and he’s grateful to the core.

He went 17 years without working after he lost his leg to cancer. He was nervous about taking the Wal-Mart job a year ago, but wanted to get out of the house and feel better about himself.

It’s been love.

“I have fun — I turn it on,” said McLean, 53. “Good lord, I can’t turn it off. I can’t hide. If I put on a wig and walk down the street, they still would know who I am. I never had attentio  n like that before. It’s kind of wild.”

McLean, who lives in Auburn, is originally from North Carolina. Eighteen years ago, doctors found bone cancer in his right leg and were able to stop its spread, but were unable to save his limb.

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This article appeared in the Sun Journal Lewiston-Auburn on Monday, December 21, 2015 and was written by KATHRYN SKELTON, Staff Writer.