L to R: Stacey Plamondon, Susannah Chance

The Leadership Award is presented annually to the person who has significantly contributed to advancing our company toward our vision of serving 10,000 individuals across North America while staying committed to our mission.  Among the criteria we consider is how well the person demonstrates the four E’s of leadership – their overall energy, how they energize others, how they have the edge to make tough decisions, and how well they execute their plans and adjust their sails.

Stacey Plamondon exemplifies what a servant leader is, including:

      • Puts service before self-interest
      • Listens first to affirm others
      • Inspires trust by being trustworthy
      • Nourishes others to help them become whole

During Stacey’s career with Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU), she started as a Career Resource Specialist, was promoted to Director, and also has helped set up services in a new state (Maryland).  As the Director for Recruiting, her current role is one that impacts every team member. During Covid, Stacey assisted our other division and did such an amazing job no one wanted her to leave when she was called back to WOU!  Stacey, thank you for helping us create new opportunities for success in the workplace, every day!