c-wentworth-and-p-wilsonThe power of connectivity happens around us every day and in all types of situations. One friend introduces two other friends, and before you know it, you’re attending a wedding. A company’s CEO is connected on LinkedIn with another company’s CEO, and the two later strike a business deal. Here at WOU, we typically use the term to describe how a current employee has a hand in a friend, family member, or former colleague becoming a successful member of one of our company’s teams. However, in the case of Paul Wilson and Carolyn Wentworth, it was the reverse: Carolyn applied for a position here at WOU and used her power of connectivity to land the job.

Prior to the merger between Wilson Employment Networks and Leddy Group, Carolyn’s husband Joe worked for Wilson for over 10 years, rising to vice president before he left to pursue another opportunity in the seacoast area that more closely matched his career goals. When he left Wilson, he followed that age-old advice about ending any type of relationship: he didn’t burn a bridge. He left on good terms, and he and Paul Wilson remain friends to this date.

After moving to the seacoast area, Joe and Carolyn’s sons had grown to a point that Carolyn felt it was time to get back out into the workforce. Joe saw a posting for an administrative assistant at Work Opportunities Unlimited and encouraged Carolyn to apply. Not only did she apply, she contacted Joe’s old boss, Paul, and asked him to put in a good word for her.

That’s not to say that Carolyn wasn’t qualified for the position. She had actually proven her skills and abilities when she was a field employee for Wilson Employment several years prior, so Paul was able to recommend Carolyn for the role without hesitation. Paul says, “Carolyn is very talented. She has advanced computer skills and is very good at documentation. I had no doubt that she would do well in this position.”

Carolyn has now been a member of ART, the Administrative Resource Team that processes the necessary paperwork for WOU staff, for over a year and half now, and says, “I love it. I used to be a stay-at-home mom and need flexibility with my schedule. This position allows me to work from home and gives me enough flexibility that it’s a good balance.” It also helps that Carolyn’s background as an office manager at a non-profit that worked with people of disabilities made this an even better fit.

Carolyn proved that using the power of connectivity works. What’s your power of connectivity story?