Over the course of 2015/2016 the Career Resource Specialists listed below were enrolled and have since completed our Team Leader Training.  The Team Leader Training focuses on developing the technical and consultation skills of the trainee relative to Retention Planning and the facilitation of 30 Day Objectives for up to 3 CRSs.  The training includes webinars, face-to-face instruction, and multiple observations with subsequent feedback in the field.  The observations focus on retention plan consults with CRSs at the job site, including retention plan meetings with employers and observations of 30 Day Objective meetings.  In addition, the trainee is trained on Annual Evaluations and Field Interviewing.

Congratulations to our new Team Leaders!

  • Jill Sands- Boston
  • Maria Wardlow- Prince George’s County
  • Tommaso Fattovich- Palm Beach
  • Lisa Jaloski- Palm Beach
  • Lori Turenchalk- South Shore (currently enrolled in Director in Training)