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WOU in Worcester, Massachusetts

Darlene Hayden
Darlene HaydenOffice Director

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34 Cedar St.
Suite 201
Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: (978) 894-4887
Email: DHayden@WorkOpportunities.Net

SPS_Logo2-lw-scaledThe Shrewsbury Interagency Transition Team is comprised of school staff members and community partners from local agencies, businesses, and educational institutions. The team meets several times a year to review transition needs within the school district and community at large, with the goal of working together to improve transition outcomes for all students with disabilities. For more information visit:http://shrewsburytransition.com/interagency-team.html or contact Kelli McSweeney, Transition Specialist, Shrewsbury High School at (508) 841-8800 x8837 orkmcsweeney@shrewsbury.k12.ma.us.

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