At Work Opportunities Unlimited, geography may separate our team but it does not hinder our pursuit of a WOU core value that “We believe all people can work”; not being in the same office doesn’t slow us down, it makes us creative and collaborative! With a shining example of the work that we do, team members Kara Jankowski, a member of our Business Development team, and Susan Scaperotto, a Career Resource Specialist based in Florida, teamed their efforts from great distance, and the end result was the successful placement of Keith Grieser at Roger Dean Stadium, in a job that has enhanced his life and that he enjoys! Read more about this story here.

Keith Grieser at work at Roger Dean Stadium

In her role, Kara identifies career opportunities on behalf of our referred job seekers via tasks that include determining client interests, need and availability, and then identifies decision makers at businesses where there might be a job match and develops opportunities for meeting with our Career Resource Specialists.

L to R: Tiffney Bergeron, Melissa Nobles, Kara Jankowski, David Dwyer

In her role of Career Resource Specialist, Susan works with these businesses and assists our clients in finding and maintaining meaningful employment, and facilitates natural supports and independence in the community or workplace for our clients.

L to R: Susan Scaperotto, Susan Abel

In recognition of their outstanding efforts, both Kara and Susan have been awarded the Work Opportunities Unlimited Success at Work award! Congratulations, Kara and Susan! Keep up the great teamwork.