Al’s Goldfish

It’s been a “must have” fishing lure in just about every New England tackle box for over 60 years. Just the name, “Al’s Goldfish” excites the most seasoned of anglers and conjures up memories of opening days gone by; nostalgia for this very simple lure that has the capacity to land spectacular trout, pickerel and [...]

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AJ and Solartech Universal Success Story

(Riviera Beach, FL) - When two innovative and forward-thinking Florida companies come together, it can be life changing.  Alcides (AJ) Monroig Jr. of West Palm Beach wanted a job. It’s an easy ask for most but for someone with a disability, it can be a little more challenging.  “One day I got a letter from the Florida Division [...]

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Breaking Down Barriers and Changing Perspectives

You hear it before you see it. The forlorn call of an air-horn in the distance, the throaty sounds of a hardworking diesel locomotive, the clackety-clack of the rail wheels as they glide along the track, the dinging of the bells. As the MBTA commuter train slices into the station, it’s brakes sigh and its [...]

Joanna – A Pre-ETS Success Story

(Gardner, MA) - We’ve all been there. We’ve stood on the cusp of adulthood, the future ahead looming large, and the age-old query looms, “what are you going to do after you finish school?” For some, it’s a seemingly simple question, but if you’re a student with disabilities, the answers might not be so easy. [...]

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Grateful Recognition for 10 Years of Service – Meet Christina G

(Medford, MA) - In this fickle and ever-changing economy, long term employees can be a company’s best bet in terms of fortifying the bottom line. Christina Galvin of Medford, Massachusetts, has been helping Babies R’ Us do just that; she recently celebrated ten years at this busy retail store in Everett, Massachusetts. “The long-term success [...]

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The Right Job. It Has Made the Difference – Meet Kendell Littlejohn

(Pawtucket, RI) - It’s pretty hard to miss. The U-Haul Moving and Storage facility, with its telltale bright orange doors and neatly parked trucks, captures a good swath of the real estate as you head north along the route I-95 corridor in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Considered a local landmark, this U-Haul facility makes no bones [...]

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When You Find the Right Job, it’s No Longer Work – Meet Cheathy Gaye

(Providence, RI) - Most of us have a passion in life. It may be yoga, ballroom dancing, sports, bird-watching… no matter your passion or interest, there is a common link that we share; our passions enrich our lives. For Cheathy Gaye, of Providence, Rhode Island, food is what sparks his interest and makes him feel [...]

Utilizing Hard Work, Ticket to Work, and Perseverance – Meet Thomas Marshall

(Washington, D.C.) - Situated along historic Pennsylvania Avenue, The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center is the largest structure in Washington, DC.  Encompassing 3.1 million square feet, it’s the first federal building, mandated by Congress, to bring together the country’s best public and private resources. Its vast array of gleaming foyers and hallways, conference [...]

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