Strategies to Support a Diverse Workforce

Many workplaces are becoming increasingly diverse – not only in areas of gender, race, religion, age and ethnicity, but also relative to work habits, education, and flexibility. Researchers tell us that more diverse workplaces often lead to increased productivity. While “managing” diversity is often delegated to the human resources department, diversity can present challenges [...]

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Understanding Basic Disabilities and Support Strategies Webinar

This webinar will help you become familiar with the general characteristics of prevalent disabilities, as well as practical strategies to foster successful long-term employment. The disabilities discussed will include:  Intellectual Disabilities, Deaf and/or Visual Impairments, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Mental Health Disorders. Of course each job and each candidate are unique, but there [...]

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Think Employment First!

The Employment First program is designed to facilitate the inclusion of people with significant disabilities in the workplace, according to the Department of Labor. This approach promotes and encourages community-based, integrated employment as the first and preferred option for youth and adults with significant disabilities. In this program, people with disabilities are integrated into jobs [...]

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