Employee Testimonials

“I have worked for Work Opportunities Unlimited since September of 2013, and I am thrilled to say that I have found a company of caring, smart, kind people who believe in helping other people. Every day in talking to my coworkers I am reminded that there are good people in the world with strong work ethics who use their powers for good. From the Owner, to the CEO, to the very newest person on staff, each person cares about people and what they do and it shows. I look forward to a long, challenging, exciting career with Work Opportunities Unlimited.” – Lynda Styles

“Working for Work Opportunities Unlimited has been the most eye-opening, challenging and exciting career for me, ever. The vision and mission of the company continues to change my perception of the world of work, people and the world in general every day. After being in the employ of Work Opportunities Unlimited for about nine years, I’ve noticed each day is completely different than the last and continues to push me and my approach to my development style. I feel a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after assisting a person in reaching their vocational goals but feel even better about a person having their OWN sense of belonging, self-worth and feeling of accomplishment from working.” – Aaron Stone

“My name is Sarah Heffner and I live in Concord, NH. I began working for Work Opportunities Unlimited in October 2012. I was drawn to the position as a Career Resource Specialist and Job Developer once I researched WOU. When looking for jobs, I look at the company’s Mission and Values.

The first core value for Work Opportunities Unlimited is “we believe all people can work”. I was intrigued by this statement and wanted to know more about the company. I learned all I could about Work Opportunities Unlimited, interviewed and was happy when I heard “you’re hired”.

My experience over the past one and a half years has been gratifying. I love working for Work Opportunities Unlimited! It’s a company that provides incredible resources to its staff, including online training’s, Webinars, and access to staff from Maine to Florida to reach out and ask for any assistance.

Our Concord, NH Team is committed and willing to help out in any way possible. As staff, we receive a monthly review, which has been extremely helpful in my success. My supervisor and I work together on my 30 day goals so as an employee you have say so in your own goals. I’ve worked in many businesses over the last 30 years and have never had a 30 day review. At times I was lucky to receive an annual review.

Meeting with clients that want to work, and helping them reach that goal is such an empowering feeling. I like meeting with businesses and educating them on the folks we work with. Many businesses are open to employing folks that want to work. Making sure our clients and the businesses needs are being met is key to the success of these relationships.

The cost the business spends to find the “right” employee can be time consuming and costly. Businesses appreciate the fact that we reach out to them and let them know we have folks that want to work, are pre-screened, are reliable, dependable and “may” be a good fit for their business.

Being part of a client and business success has been extremely rewarding. I can’t wait to see what impact Work Opportunities Unlimited will continue to make in the future! – Sarah Heffner

Upon joining the Work Opportunities Unlimited Saco, ME Team four years ago, I found out that there was nothing better than working on a goal-oriented team where people share the enthusiasm to work for a company that plays a key role in changing people’s lives thru the wonderful world of work. As a CRS I have participated in several useful trainings, which enabled me to get in-depth knowledge about working with the individuals with disabilities and their strengths. In this role, I am afforded a creative and diverse environment to work closely with the talented specialists in different states to ensure the best outcome for work placements. I am proud to be a part of a company that has such a distinguished reputation for its quality, and the way it respects its employees and the communities that we serve. – Lisa Huntress

Being an employee for Work Opportunities Unlimited is not only professionally, but personally fulfilling. I get the opportunity to help change and enhance lives every day. I’ll never forget what one client said after he received a job after being out of work for over a year. He was approaching his 90 days on the job and told me, “This is the best job I’ve ever had. I feel like a completely new person, and it’s all because of you.” Knowing that I have the ability to improve a person’s life while being supported by the best director and coworkers I have ever worked with, makes it a pleasure to come to work every day. –Jenna Rebello