L to R: Client John C., CRS Gina O., CRS Khristina H., Savers Manager Heather G., Client Tanya M., WOU Director Will E., WOU President David D.

Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU)’s Lowell, MA team recently presented a plaque to Savers in Plaistow, NH. This gift serves as a symbol of WOU’s gratitude for the support Savers has provided to clients and the general community for over six years. Career Resource Specialist Khristina Hardy states, “Savers has been a huge asset for us. We have had about a dozen clients move in and out of the location, receiving on-the-job training and placements, and Savers continue to work so well with WOU. They are just very open to our program. My clients really like it there.”

Several WOU clients currently are employed in a variety of enriching positions at the Plaistow location, supported by both Khristina and Career Resource Specialist Gina Ortiz. Tanya M., whose employment at Savers was previously lauded in another success story (read it here: https://workopportunities.net/blog/success-story-tanya-m/), recently celebrated 6 years of continued employment and was able to move into her own place in December of 2022. Khristina shares, “Tanya won a housing lottery and was the first tenant in her beautiful new apartment complex! She got herself a little dog, and she’s living independently and doing just great.” John is a newer employee at Savers, but he is not afraid to ask questions and is settling in very well as a roller, placing items on the sales floor according to size, category, and department.  For over two years, Lisandro has been a pleasant and hardworking member of the Savers team, and his duties have expanded to include helping to open the store, collecting shopping carts, stocking items, and performing maintenance and cleaning duties around the large building. Gina says that Lisandro had struggled to find the right opportunity but “has just flourished at Savers.” Lisandro’s mother is so grateful to Savers for giving her son a chance, she tearfully thanked management in what Khristina says was “a beautiful moment.” Savers is the first employer for high school student Charlie, who is excited for the opportunity and has been doing wonderfully as a cashier on evenings and weekends. Gina shares that despite a delay in Charlie’s placement at Savers due to paperwork issues, “the dedication of Front-End Manager Kat for wanting to hire her just made my heart warm.”

It’s not uncommon for Khristina and Gina to hear their clients say that Savers feels like family, and they agree. During site visits, they’ll walk through the building to check on each of their clients, and they’re often greeted warmly by the employees and management. Gina feels “blessed to have an amazing site like this to work with, and every person there is just amazing.” The Savers staff is happy to help out if a client is having a tough day or needs assistance. Khristina says, “They care about our clients. Their employees are very wonderful – a lot of them just take our clients under their wing. Management is great as well. They always make time to talk to us or review retention plans. If my clients need days off, they’re very accommodating.” Heather, the Manager at Savers, will reach out to Khristina and Gina for candidates when they have openings – in fact, WOU clients have filled all remaining part-time positions at the location. Khristina says, “They are always willing to hire WOU clients.” She jokes, “They have even offered me a position since I’m there so often!”

The Plaistow, NH Savers supports WOU clients that aren’t employees, as well. One individual was starting a new role at a restaurant and needed black tee shirts for his uniform. Savers gave him a voucher so he could purchase these essential items for free. Another WOU client required scrubs for her job; when she located some in her size, management bagged them up and gave them to her at no cost. These are just some of the examples of the business’s generosity and dedication to the community.

WOU relies on its network of employers to provide meaningful career opportunities for its clients, and Savers continues to be a strong partner in meeting that goal. “Honestly, Savers has been a true highlight for me to support my clients,” says Gina. Khristina agrees, saying, “It’s a wonderful place.”