Congratulations to Tim Cormey on reaching a milestone anniversary with Work Opportunities Unlimited today – 10 years!

In the words of Lori Turenchalk, the Director of Tim’s office in Taunton, MA, “Tim works with a wide array of service lines and always extends himself, going above and beyond to lend a supportive hand wherever needed. Tim has a talent for approaching each service with a true commitment to the individual needs and integrity of each person he serves. There are countless examples of Tim thinking outside the box to connect individuals with opportunities to fulfill their goals of participating in activities that they are truly passionate about. This was especially important over the last few years as Tim worked to engage individuals in ways that lifted their spirits during such a difficult time. Whether it was supporting Joe C. with opening his own online store to showcase his artwork, participating in composing an online culture focused show with Bob B., CRS Nick Leone, and clients across markets, or finding an online dance program to keep Aaron A. upbeat and moving during the pandemic, Tim is always there with a creative idea! Thank you, Tim for your ongoing commitment to WOU’s mission and values, and the individuals you serve!”

Happy WOUniversary, Tim!