L to R: Elena Stroeble, Cindy Constantino, Ryan Mountain

(Somerville, MA) On December 21, 2022, Cindy Constantino, a Career Resource Specialist on the Boston Team, was presented a Success at Work award during a team meeting. She was nominated for the award by Regional Director Elena Stroeble. Since the award’s inception in 2000, Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU) has presented the Success at Work award to honor and recognize team members who have delivered outstanding service to our clients consistent with the company’s core values.

Cindy lives WOU’s mission of creating success in the workplace every day. Her dedication to the success of others is clear both in how she supports her clients and in the role she plays as mentor on the Boston team. Cindy’s ability to deliver results for her clients and to naturally establish connections in the community demonstrate her commitment to WOU’s core values, “We are never satisfied” and “We build successful, reciprocal relationships.”

One particular individual Cindy serves had struggled to establish relationships with natural supports because his workplace rarely scheduled him with the same coworkers. During onsite visits, Cindy helped identify coworkers with whom he clicked the most, and then advocated for and assisted the employer in scheduling them together. His increased productivity benefits the employer, while the individual gains independence and meaningful community connection.

Another individual was being supported on the job by one of Cindy’s colleagues from an adjacent WOU team, but the individual was moving to the Boston team’s area. Cindy collaborated with team members in both locations to help ensure the individual could be seamlessly transferred to his new position without having to restart the job search process. Now Cindy supports his successful employment in his new community.

Additionally, when an individual served by Cindy yearned to try something new after a few days at her first job, Cindy utilized her networks to secure her another position that she loves and quickly identified two natural supports. The individual and her natural supports have built close relationships and always bring a positive vibe to the workplace through their robust team dynamic.

During the award presentation Ryan Mountain presented Cindy a certificate that reads:

“For her commitment to our core values, “We are never satisfied,” and “We build successful, reciprocal relationships.” Cindy is a valued mentor and great resource for the Boston team, and her unwavering commitment to supporting her clients and team is impeccable. She supported an individual’s transfer not only from one WOU team to another but into a new position. Through advocacy with an employer and her proactive supports she helped another individual improve performance and develop relationships with coworkers.  In addition, when another client expressed an interest to try something new, Cindy utilized her networks to place the individual in a second position and she immediately set up the client with two natural supports. Everyone who works with Cindy is lucky to have her support. She is undoubtedly a Success at Work!”