(Worcester, MA) – Brittany Zigmont of Shrewsbury, MA, has been awarded the coveted Success at Work Award from Work Opportunities Unlimited for her commitment to helping people with disabilities find and retain community-based employment.

As a Career Resource Specialist for Work Opportunities Unlimited, Zigmont works to break down the barriers to employment by helping people with disabilities access the workplace; she provides job readiness training and once on the job, helps individuals maintain their employment.

“As a Career Resource Specialist and business developer, Brittany is an ambitious team player and she continues to serve our clients with a high-quality service,” says Allison Leo, Director of Work Opportunities in Worcester. “Brittany truly understands the importance of getting to know each individual she works with as she assists them through the job searching process. Brittany continuously puts the person first in everything that she does, and this continues to show in her success with placements.”

Zigmont is also a job developer for the company. She connects with and engages employers, so they better understand that hiring people with disabilities is good for business. In this tight labor market, Zigmont is the conduit that provides employers an opportunity to tap into a talented pool of employees.

Upon presenting the award, Steve Wood, President and CEO of Work Opportunities Unlimited, honored Zigmont “for her commitment to our company’s core value: ‘It is our responsibility to change the world of work’. Her positive attitude and commitment to clients, make her a great teammate and a Success at Work!”

“The rewards in this job are in the high-fives,” says Zigmont. “Whether it’s the positive feedback from employers, or the excitement from our clients and their families when they’ve finally found the perfect job, there’s nothing quite like the soul-satisfaction of being a part of a person’s journey in reaching their goals. With that being said, there’s also nothing quite like being recognized for your work by colleagues that are just as hardworking. I’m incredibly honored to be recognized by Work Opportunities for my work with my clients and equally humbled to know that it would not have been possible without the incredible dedication, perseverance, and heart of my clients.”

“Brittany is highly dedicated to her role as a Career Resource Specialist and ensures individuals are successful in the workplace,” says Leo. “With her unwavering support for the people she serves and the impact that she has on our mission of inclusion, Brittany is indeed changing the world of work.”