Since Covid, Allen has not been able to attend his volunteer role at Holy Family Hospital.  Recently, Deborah Chiaravalloti, who is Director of Marketing and Community Relations at Holy Family Hospital, featured Allen in their companywide newsletter.  Here is the story:

Allen Attardi volunteers at Holy Family and assists the Methuen Materials Management Department with the delivery of supplies to units across the campus.  COVID required the hospital to suspend the volunteer program, so Allen hasn’t been with us in quite some time.  We are looking forward to Allen’s return in the future, but in the meantime, we caught up on his activities by talking with his Career Resource Specialist, Peggy Trombly, from Work Opportunities Unlimited.

To say Allen has been busy would be an understatement.  He started his own volunteer program collecting cans and bottles to donate to ALS research charity ALS One and he also collects used clothing and household items to donate to charity thrift shops.  Most recently, Allen started volunteering at the Forest Street Union Church in Methuen, where he helps to rake leaves, clean the church, and make deliveries when needed.  Peggy informed us that while Allen enjoys all of this, he still misses Holy Family where he felt so appreciated and treated with such respect, like one of the family.

This is just one story of the truly exceptional people who work and volunteer at Holy Family Hospital.