L to R: Darlene Hayden, Liz Carney-Olmstead, Tosha Talbot

Work Opportunities Unlimited is pleased to announce that Elizabeth “Liz” Carney Olmstead of Keene, New Hampshire is the recipient of the company’s annual Retained Placement award.  The award is given to the Career Resource Specialist who played the most influential role in assisting a client retain a paid or volunteer job that required some or all of the following:  creativity, patience, excellent communication, job site modification, effective retention planning including employer coaching, successful interventions, natural supports, and the achievement of the client’s employment goals.

Founded upon the principle that all people can work, Work Opportunities Unlimited is a community-based, employment service provider specializing in placing people with disabilities in competitive, integrated work environments. As a Career Resource Specialist, Liz dedicates her days to breaking down the barriers to meaningful employment for people with disabilities by helping them prepare for the workplace and supporting them while on the job.  Specifically, Liz has supported one individual for the last two years.  She worked closely with him to develop a relationship with the manager of his soon-to-be employer, helped him apply, interview and start the position.  Due to lack of transportation and medical needs, Liz worked very closely with the supervisors on site to put all of the pieces together.  She works on and off the job to help create interventions for the medical needs with supervisors and on-site natural supports.  Liz has ongoing retention plan meetings with the employer, which has helped this individual not only be successful at work, but also to help build ongoing, meaningful relationships.  Clear communication with all stakeholders has been key to success.  Liz has gone above and beyond!