WOU Collaborates with Prince George’s County Public Schools

On September 22, 2016, WOU in collaboration with PG County Public Schools presented three transition programs that are being offered to students across the district which includes 13 high schools.  The programs include:  Project Search, Employment Transition Services, and Pre-Employment Transition Services.  The picture above was taken at Northwestern High School in Hyattsville, MD following [...]

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Strategies to Support a Diverse Workforce

Many workplaces are becoming increasingly diverse – not only in areas of gender, race, religion, age and ethnicity, but also relative to work habits, education, and flexibility. Researchers tell us that more diverse workplaces often lead to increased productivity. While “managing” diversity is often delegated to the human resources department, diversity can present challenges [...]

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Understanding Basic Disabilities and Support Strategies Webinar

This webinar will help you become familiar with the general characteristics of prevalent disabilities, as well as practical strategies to foster successful long-term employment. The disabilities discussed will include:  Intellectual Disabilities, Deaf and/or Visual Impairments, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Mental Health Disorders. Of course each job and each candidate are unique, but there [...]

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Al Hill Earns the Frank Loughran Award

Pictured (left to right) Steve Wood, President, Jenna Rebello, Director, Al Hill, CRS/recipient, Trisha Wagner, Regional Director (Providence, RI) - Work Opportunities Unlimited is pleased to announce that Al Hill of Cranston, is the recipient of the prestigious Frank Loughran Award.  Established in memory of the company’s late Vice President, the award recognizes [...]

Jazmin Bey-Gonzalez, 2016 Retained Placement Award Recipient

Pictured left to right are: David Dwyer, Senior Vice President, Jazmin Bey-Gonzalez, CRS/Award Recipient, Tiffney Bergeron, Regional Director (Methuen, MA) - Work Opportunities Unlimited is pleased to announce that Jazmin Bey-Gonzalez of Methuen, was recently presented with the company’s Retained Placement Award for excellence in supported employment and job retention. Founded upon the [...]

Aaron Stone, Recipient of the Roger LaChapelle Award

Pictured (from left to right) Joe Leddy, Founder, Aaron Stone, CRS/recipient, Mike Murtha, Director. (Lewiston/Auburn, ME) – Work Opportunities Unlimited is pleased to announce that Aaron Stone of Auburn, is the recipient of the Roger LaChapelle Award. Given annually, the award was presented to Stone for excellence in quality job placement, thereby exemplifying [...]

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Alex Knight’s Success Story

Alex Knight eats, sleeps, lives, and breathes cruise travel. His passion for cruising has been a driving force in his life; each year, family vacations were spent on the high seas exploring destinations throughout the Caribbean. It’s during these trips that Alex took some serious notes. He’s curated an extensive knowledge and understanding of the [...]

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The Wood Brothers, a Success Story

Integrity, vigilance and helpfulness are the foundation for success at Securitas, an international security solutions firm specializing in protective services. Employing 330,000 people in 53 countries, Securitas leaves nothing to chance; they hire the best of the best and they found just that in the Wood brothers. “There’s a lot at stake here,” says Aarin [...]

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