WTVJ at Superbowl XLIV

A news story on WTVJ Channel 6 in Miami (NBC Affiliate) about Work Opportunity Unlimited's partnership with Centerplate Culinary, a food service provider at Super Bowl XLIV.

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The Importance of Change Management

Change management has become increasingly important in companies of all sizes, across all industries. As the business world continually evolves, companies that don't quickly and efficiently adapt to change risk becoming obsolete. Businesses must learn to inspire, implement and manage change in effective ways to achieve lasting benefits. The Work Opportunities Unlimited team understands the [...]

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Think Employment First!

The Employment First program is designed to facilitate the inclusion of people with significant disabilities in the workplace, according to the Department of Labor. This approach promotes and encourages community-based, integrated employment as the first and preferred option for youth and adults with significant disabilities. In this program, people with disabilities are integrated into jobs [...]

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