Supported Employment Services Case Study

Tanya is a 30-year old woman who was part of a sheltered workshop and in need of a job in her community. She had limited work experience, but she and a Support Coordinator knew she could work successfully in the community. Work Opportunities began services with an Intake during which Tanya was informed of our [...]

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Tim’s Success Story

Tim has worked 20 hours per week at Shaw's Supermarket for the last five years. In March of 2009, Tim joined the Community Supports program at Work Opportunities Unlimited with the hopes of getting out of the house more often. Tim began volunteering at the YMCA daycare assisting the teachers with snack preparation, cleaning, and [...]

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Steven’s Success Story

Steven is a young man with Autism. When you meet Steven, you see a young man in constant motion, rocking back and forth or pacing. When speaking with Steven, he frequently repeats what you say (echolalia) and uses short sentences to answer any questions you might ask. Steven's goal when starting to look for a [...]

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Roland’s Success Story

When Roland first came to Work Opportunities Unlimited he wanted to work and be productive 4 hours per week. Roland has met his goal and has recently said, "I love my job." His past work experience has been in a segregated environment and he had been paid sub-minimum wage. He now works at a local [...]

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Robin’s Success Story

It was difficult at first for Robin to verbalize what she wanted to do for work. However, Work Opportunities Unlimited was able to secure a work assessment for Robin with Marshall's Department Stores. Marshall's is part of the TJX Corporation, with whom Work Opportunities Unlimited has a corporate relationship. Through the work assessment, Robin was [...]

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Richard’s Success Story

Richard, a senior at Oak Hill High School, received school services from WOU, that included Customized Career Planning, resume, applications and interview preparation, job shadows, job assessment and job placement. When Richard's Career Resource Specialist completed a Customized Career Plan with him, he told WOU that he wanted to be a "weather man", he also [...]

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Ray’s Success Story

Ray was referred for job development services to WOU from VR, and during his intake, he told his Career Resource Specialist that he loved motorcycles. Shortly thereafter a position was secured at L/A Harley Davidson. The VR services that Work Opportunities Unlimited provided were the result of a real team effort. After Ray’s successful placement [...]

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Phil’s Success Story

For many years, Phil worked at a local bus company processing paperwork. Phil experiences a severe seizure disorder and he had always had the support of his supervisor at the bus company. Unfortunately, the bus company went out of business and Phil needed to find a new job. The prospect of finding an employer that [...]

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Peter’s Success Story

Peter, an upbeat, ambitious and outgoing young man, has many hobbies and interests, including a passion for photography which began during his sophomore year of high school. An avid sports fan, the Worcester, MA-based teenager loved attending his high school's sporting events, and began taking photos to capture the action. After graduating from high school, [...]

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Patrick’s Success Story

Interview Preparation Pays Off With A Job At Best Buy: Patrick has always had an interest in video games. That's what he does in his free time when he's not in class, and it's all he ever wanted to do for work. So when an opportunity came up at Best Buy in Palm Beach Gardens [...]

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