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Success Stories

“It’s My Dream Job” – A Work Opportunities Unlimited Success Story

Jeremy was referred to Work Opportunities Unlimited by Vocational Rehabilitation. When he began working with Mary Northrup, a Career Resource [...]

Transition Services: Helping Special Needs Students Successfully Transition into Adulthood

(From L to R) Bill, GameStop General Manager with Erik a transition services student in Maine. Work Opportunities [...]

Tim’s Success Story

Tim has worked 20 hours per week at Shaw's Supermarket for the last five years. In March of 2009, Tim [...]

Steven’s Success Story

Steven is a young man with Autism. When you meet Steven, you see a young man in constant motion, rocking [...]

Pairing the right individual with the right job is the key to a successful outcome.

Employers often find that hiring an employee who so sincerely views work as a privilege can have a very positive impact on a workplace.

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Work Opportunities Unlimited

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  • Helping individuals maintain their employed status

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